HJB PowerWashing and Restoration offers

On-site powerwashing in Maryland, Washington, DC, Virginia and Delaware

Free inspection, assessment, recommendations and written estimates

Quality, professional service at reasonable prices

Satisfaction guaranteed

Proven track record

Full insurance coverage

Monthly or annual service contracts

6 day-a-week, year-round service

Residential Services

HJB cleans and restores:

Homes (aluminum, vinyl, painted, stucco, brick, concrete )
Mobile Homes
Steps & Stairwells
Playground Equipment
Rock Walls
Pool Decks
HJB's Residential PowerWashing Benefits:

Regular treatment by HJB helps keep your house looking fresh and clean, and corrosive pollution from damaging your external surfaces. It can add value to your property and save maintenance and repainting costs. It can also help reduce or eliminate the 79% of the soils in your house that are tracked in from the outside. Your home will not only be more attractive from the outside, but the inside will also stay cleaner, for a longer period of time.

Outside areas attract moss and other unwanted organic growth, especially during the colder months. Buildup of organic material increases the danger of slipping and sliding greatly, putting you, your family and guests at risk. Arranging a regular HJB cleaning around your home or pool will keep the area clean and safe. PowerWashing is also a good way to prepare a house's surface for re-painting or for sale, increasing the perceived value to a potential buyer to get the best price the market will allow.

Deck Restoration

HJB specializes in restoring cedar, redwood, mahogany, pressure-treated and composite decks and fences to the look you remember when they were installed. We can safely remove dirt, mold, and dead wood fibers and return your deck back to its original clean, natural beauty.

Our geographical region is especially prone to humidity and rain, which results in mildew and algae growth - especially around trees. For information on how to properly care for your deck to increase the value of your home, click here.